Skeletons Team

This CD offers five original origami-projects of skeletons,

created by Yurii and Katrin Shumakovs: stegosaurus, diplodocus,

dymetrodont, tyrannosaurus and even ancient man!

(But don't search for complete similarity,

it is only cheerful paper dolls:)


More than 2,000 step-by-step photo-diagrams and

60 minutes of a full-motion videos (view from your eyes!)

will help everyone to fold these 3D origami-models and

to create an own Skeletons Team!


This disk will present for you a lot of fascinating

and joyful hours together with the art of ORIGAMI.

Fold of these dolls itself, with the relatives or with the friends.


Oriland (адр. устарел – прим. ред.)

Travel to Oriland (адр. устарелприм. ред.)

origami-models, diagrams, comments, images, texts, design, programming

Copyright © 1999 Yurii & Katrin Shumakovs. All Rights Reserved.





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