Origami poems and songs,

published in Russian Origami journal

in 96-02 years





Poem or Song







Can you fold a flapping bird?
A jumping frog? A Flying hog?
Do you money fold your tips?
I've folded dinosaurs on the train,
And Kawasaki's rose on a plane.
Is your paper rescued trash?
Help! I've got paper-cuts and wet-folding rash!

Journal "Origami" 11 (1-98)










Chris Miller

Do You Fold Them in The Dark?
Have You Folded From Your Heart?
Do You Fold in Your Sleep?
The Stuff I Make I like To Keep.
Have You Folded On a Train?
Have You Folded In The Rain?
Can You Fold And Talk At The Same Time?
Do You Fold While Eating a Lime?
Are Your Fingers Full Of Cuts?
When You Can't Fold, Do You Say "This Sucks"?
Is Your Room Full Of Paper?
Do You Fold Things For Your Neighbor?

Journal "Origami" 11 (1-98)











Do you fold it in mid-air?
Cann you fold a polar bear?
Do you fold them in a meeting?
When you find you should be eating?
Do you use your right - or left- brain
Do R.Lang's insects cause a migraine?

Journal "Origami" 16 (1/2-99)
















What a fold that makes you think?
Try a complex triple sink!
Want to give yourselves a thrill?
Buy the book by David Brill!
Want a fold that gives your power?
Fold a crab by Yoshizawa!
Want to score but don't know how?
(forgive political-incorrectness!)
Try a heart from Francis Ow!

Journal "Origami" 16 (1/2-99)










Joseph Wu

If you din't know what to do,
Make some cranes of varied hue.
Crease from any point of view,
Without using any glue.
And for something rather new,
Try deg farrelly's high-heel shoe.
It can make your sweetheart coo,
And (s)he might even come kiss you.
Engel's got a kangaroo,
Montroll's Holstein might say moo.
Yoshizawa's got one too,
But don't copy or he'll sue.
With all these critters in the crew,
We should open up a zoo.
And aren't you glad we're fin'lly through
With these "oo" rhymes by Joe Wu?

Journal "Origami" 16 (1/2-99)