1OO Oriland Origami Originals

What is this CD?

It is entertainment for the Soul, gymnastics

for the Mind and training for the Hands.

For whom this CD?

For everyone, who loves origami, for all who wants to study in origami,

for all who wants to find out more about origami. For any age from 7 up to 77 :)

What offers this CD?

Entertainment, Learning, Folding

You can visit GALLERY and to look about 400 origami - designs by the Shumakovs.

If you never were engaged in origami, you can pass our intensive course submitted

in section "Practice" of ORIVERSITY. This course is constructed by a principle "From

simple to complex" and will help you to receive initial skills of folding. You can read

interesting lectures and to learn a lot of new about ancient and modern art of Origami. In Articles you can find out, that origami is not only entertainment, but also

way for development of psychomotor, intellectual and creative abilities.

You can fold in STUDIO more than 100 origami - models from Oriland created by

Yurii and Katrin Shumakovs. More than 1,000 step-by-step diagrams of the models

in categories: animals, assorti, boxes, bureau, decor, heroes, oribana, plants.

If you do first steps in origami, you will find on this disk many simple models,

mastering which, gradually can pass to more difficult and complex.

If you feel confidently in this art, you receive the large set of models

in all submitted categories - from geometry up to flowers.

And, at last, if you already connoisseur of origami - you can satisfy

your interest, folding models from a category Complex".

This disk will present to you many pleasant and joyful hours with Origami


http:://www.origami.aaanet.ru http://library.advanced.org/27152

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