Ministry of education of Omsk region

"The CENTRE of creative development and the Arts "

Gymnasia 139, Omsk rigami Centre




We invite you to take part


The IX Siberian scientific - practical conference

"rigami is in educational process"


it is held on March 27-29, 2008 in Gymnasia 139 (city Omsk)


The following problems will be discussed:

        rigami and the child development

        rigami is a way of creative development;

        rigami is for children of average and senior age;

        Origami and Geometry;

        A practical orientation of origami.



Conference program:

27.03.2008 - plenary, creative laboratory of the trainees;

28.03.2008 - workshops,

29.03.2008 - competitions:

        "Paper floristic";

        Designing gifts;

        Origami puppet theatre;

        ini-ax (origami model is from largest and smallest squares);

        Origami mini-exhibition projects;

        Origami fashion theatre.



Origami workshop topics:

        Art and craft for the primary teachers;


        Novelty in origami (various themes and different level of complexity);



The organizing committee accepts the application forms for your participation, your reports or your inventions till January 30, 2008.


In your application it is necessary to specify:

        competition, in which you are planning to take part and also

        your topic,

        target audience for your workshop or

        practical employment (occupation), which you plan to lead(carry out) independently.


The publication of origami materials is being planned to let out by the Conference.

Registration payment of the participant is 200 rubles/ 120 rubles (correspondence participation).

Your materials, application forms are accepted to the address:

*: Russia, 644112, Omsk, postbox 1637, Belim Svetlana or

*: e-mail s139 @, belim @ omsu. ru.

': phone number: 07(3812) 72-73-06




Svetlana Belim,

the methodical chief of the

Omsk Origami Centre






The application form



1. Surname, name,

_______________________________________ _______________________________________ _______________________________________ _____




2. Place of job, post

_______________________________________ _______________________________________ _______________________________________ _____




3. Address for the correspondence

_______________________________________ _______________________________________ _______________________________________ _____




4. Theme (you are interested in)

_______________________________________ _______________________________________ _______________________________________ _____




5. Your participation in a Conference:


a. Running a workshop

( Theme _____________________________________);

b. Training and observing

e. Demonstration of your innovation

f. Participation in competition (name of

competition _______________________________).




Thank you




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